Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Play back

Simply Christmas continued this past week. It was a great time to connect. If you missed it here is the play back. Pastor Eric opened with funny family pictures. StockbridgeAssembly staff presented a Christmas video.
(you can see it on StockbridgeAssembly facebook page.

Worship was rocking. We had special guest come sing, Kids Alive. Thanks to all the kids and team leaders that made that possible. That was great
We also had another baby dedication. Its pretty cool to see so many dedications lately. (be fruitful and multiply)
The message was simply family

• We need love in our families – You see love all through the Christmas story. Joseph had to have some love for Mary. He was a righteous man, compassionate man, and a committed man.

• We need families that believe in the impossible- Joseph and Mary were guided by faith not fear. Fear hinders the impossible. Fear is the absence of trust.

• We need families that follow divine direction – Joseph and Mary followed what the Lord told them to do. Faith without action is dead.

Have a very very Merry Christmas

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