Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I remember one summer I was so impressed by a group of friends and their knowledge of baseball. They knew it all, every stat, every player, and every position. Now I didn’t really care for major league baseball, but their commitment to know the game was very contagious. So I did what any young man wanting to fit in would do, I picked a team and committed to knowing everything about this team. My team was the Atlanta Braves.  I would come home after each day and force myself to watch the games, listen and learn. I have to admit that I didn’t really like watching baseball. Other than the occasional highlight play, (opinion alert) baseball is boring. But there was something about the commitment I saw in my friends that pushed me to want to learn baseball. (I will say that today I still enjoy a baseball game every now and then.)

Have you ever looked at someone committed to something and thought wow I want that? It may be someone’s relationship with their spouse. It may be a fulfilling career or maybe someone finically stable. You may look at a family that really loves each other and desire to have that for your family. Now don’t confuse the thought with comparing yourself with others, which is foolish. However to be inspired to commitment is good.
So here’s the thought – is your commitments contagious?
One thing I have learned is no one is inspired by casual commitment. If you love casually, so what. If you give casually, who cares. If you live casually, you blend in.

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